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Deck Design

Our Deck Contractors Can Design Your Dream Backyard

DeckPros LLC specializes in building custom backyard decks. Our experienced team of deck contractors works with you to create the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of.

Nothing is more rewarding than helping homeowners create a “Dream Backyard.” One that allows them to extend their entertaining and living space from their home into the backyard. The ideal deck should fit the esthetic style and structure of the house, as well as the preferences, personality, and needs of the owner. It should be constructed with easy-to-maintain materials, and allow use year-round, whenever possible. And of course, it should be built to the highest of standards for years of worry-free use.

DeckPros LLC

Starting a Deck Build

Starting a deck construction project can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Usually, the first step is a meeting with our deck designers so that we can understand your needs. Generally we will want to talk about any expectations, budgetary concerns, or past projects/ideas that have caught your eye. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us!

Once we have a clear understanding of the size and scope of your custom deck project, and have confirmed the materials and options, we will work with you throughout the process to make sure there are no surprises.

If you’re considering decks or other remodeling projects, below is some information that will help educate you about some options. Or, if you just want preliminary information, you can reach out via phone at (859) 339-1971 or email


Custom Deck Features

Your outdoor living space can include a variety of features. Here are just a few ideas.

Deck Accessories

Choose from a variety of deck accessories to enhance your outdoor living space:

  • Adding windows or screened walls around a covered deck means you can enjoy the outdoors while keeping pests and insects out.
  • Add a “real wood” or remote-controlled gas fireplace for staying warm on chilly days and evenings.
  • Extend your “outdoor room” with an open sun deck or hardscape patio to enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • Many of our clients find LED lighting, a ceiling fan, and even a TV can help make their new space that much more entertaining!
Built-in Benches & Bars
Perfect for relaxing with friends and family, built-in benches save you the need for additional chairs. They work well on low-height decks to preserve the view out into the yard while defining a different space or two. And a bar-height counter integrated into a railing is a great place to set your drink and reduce the need for additional tables!
Covered Decks

With a simple pergola overhead – or a full finished roof – you can have protection from inclement weather and add a personal touch, all while creating privacy and the ability to use this area more often.

Built-in Spa or Pool

A hot tub, swim spa, or even a full-sized pool is a great addition to your outdoor living space. Make sure to include a bar/kitchen area as well, so snacks and drinks can be close-at-hand!

Multi-tiered Decks Descending to a Patio

If your home has a downhill slope in the back, we can design a deck with several tiers going down to your yard. There you can add a well-designed patio with many hardscaping and landscaping options. Sometimes the best way to handle a challenging property is to create several smaller spaces creatively tied together rather than one single large space.


Deck Material Options

Most decks in Danville, Lancaster & Richmond Kentucky (KY) are made with one of the following materials:

  • Pressure treated wood decks
  • Redwood and cedar
  • Hardwood (such as IPE, Massaranduba, and Mahogany)
  • Composite decks and vinyl/PVC decks

The chart below will provide you with a quick overview and comparison of each of these kinds of decks.

Pressure Treated Redwood and Cedar Hardwood Composites
Cost Lowest initial cost Higher initial cost Higher initial cost Higher initial cost
Maintenance Highest maintenance of all decking materials, will likely require replacement boards High maintenance; requires regular sealing for best performance Moderate maintenance; requires some staining/sealing to retain finish Lowest maintenance; long lasting color and texture, especially PVC and capped composites
Performance Splinters, cracks, splits, warps, stains, and scratches easily Subject to some cracking and splintering, resists rotting and insects, does stain and scratch easily Few splinters, highly resistant to deterioration, does not scratch or stain easily Overcomes performance issues of wood; composites stain, scratch, and fade, but PVC and capped composites are more resilient
Longevity 10-15 years when properly maintained 15-20 years when properly maintained 40+ years when properly maintained Reputable manufacturers offer warranties typically for 25 years but these decks will last much longer when properly maintained

 NOTE: All decks, regardless of materials and construction, should be inspected annually for safety and cleaned with soap and water each year to maintain the best appearance.

The chart below will provide you with a quick overview and comparison of each of these kinds of decks.

Deck Safety Is Key

No matter what kind of deck you choose, we make sure it’s safe. We are a proud member of the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA), a national organization committed to educating the public about deck safety. This year, our owner, Matt Breyer, is president of NADRA, and is proud to help continue its mission. And the entire Deck Pros staff receives ongoing training to fulfill our commitment to design and build the best and safest desks in the area.


Composite and Vinyl/PVC Decking Brands

Deck Pros LLC can design and build your deck from any brand of decking materials that suits your needs. We do, however, favor the following four brands because of benefits such as warranty, industry experience, company reputation, value, and a wide selection of choices and styles that serve almost any need you could have.
TrexProGold Contractor

This is defined by Trex as, “TrexProGold contractors are part of an elite group within our referral network, who have installed a high volume of Trex decks and have demonstrated expertise in working with Trex products.”

TimberTech Premier Contractor

Deck Pros LLC handles both decking and railing, as well as dryspace. According to TimberTech, “TimberTech Premier Contractors are a specialized group within our referral network who have installed a high number of TimberTech decks and have a great knowledge in working with our products.”


Azek® has been making outdoor PVC products to endure the elements since the 1980s and began producing building products in 1999. Their products include trim, moulding, deck, porch, and railing materials. A signature benefit to Azek building products is that they are highly resistant to scratching, staining, and splitting.


A hot tub, swim spa, or even a full-sized pool is a great addition to your outdoor living space. Make sure to include a bar/kitchen area as well, so snacks and drinks can be close-at-hand!

Emphasis on

Quality Deck Design and Communication

We want you to think of DeckPros LLC not just as a deck builder, but as a creative partner in making your dreams a reality while leaning on our years of industry-leading design and construction expertise. Since decks are our specialty, we help you create solutions to everything you want and need your deck to be. There are no “dumb questions”; so as we walk through the design and selection process, and continue into the on-site construction, we welcome any and all questions! We want you to be comfortable with who we are, what we are doing, and why at all stages of the process. Remember- this should be fun, not frustrating!

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